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Virtual Reality

Unfortunately, due to ongoing issues with the system, we will be retiring the VR bays on the 29th of September. Until then we will still have two bays available for both single player and multiplayer sessions.

From zombie shooters to cooking against the clock, from rhythm games to cow milking simulators, we have a bit of everything on VR here at Game Lobby.

Want to fight against invading orcs with your friends as elven archers? Or fly around on jetpacks through ruins in the sky while shooting at your friends? Or perhaps start a job working for robots? You can do all that and much, much more in our virtual reality bays.


We have four virtual reality headsets available, so you can choose to play on your own, or with up to three friends. Before we put you into the virtual world we'll have a chat with you to find out the kind of games you like, so we can find the one that is the best fit for your interests and abilities, and then talk you through the controls. We stay with you for the experience to help you out and cheer you on, and keep you safe! 

We have a bunch of well known, popular games like Job Simulator, Blades and Sorcery, and Super Hot, but we also have on hand a bunch of less run of the mill games for really unique experiences. Games that will take you trotting around the globe and flying around famous landmarks, kayaking around the world, peaceful gardening and crafting, creating or solving Rube Goldberg machines, puzzle solving or underwater experiences. Ask us for anything and we will try to match your needs! 

On top of these, we have Escape Room experiences. These sessions last for an hour and are for various age groups and abilities. Again, we stay with you to guide you through the tricky parts with hints (if you want them).

If you or anyone in your group has disabilities, sensory issues, or health issues we will do what we can to make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable for you. Please talk to one of our staff members about any adjustments you would like us to make.

Take a look through the slideshow to see a selection of the games we currently have available from our ever growing and changing list.

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