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Laser Tag League

Laser Tag League is an incredibly fun, fast paced competitive sport!

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Laser tag league is a sport unlike any other! It combines the fun and excitement of regular laser tag with the competitive play of teams attack their opponents bases while defending their own. League games are played with three teams, each made up of 5 players, who must use communication as well as technical skills to best the other teams and come out on top. Unlike standard laser tag formats, in league games players do not have unlimited lives and shots, and must recharge at a central point using an energizer. Laser tag league is a great sport for people who want to be part of team and build up their fitness, but want something a little bit different to traditional sports like football or basketball.

While Game Lobby's laser tag league is still quite small and does not yet have the numbers to run in house tournaments, we were still able to send a team off to the laser tag nationals last year, and are extremely proud of their achievements. We welcome new players of all skill levels, and our national level players will provide some one-on-one instruction before putting you in with other players for skill drills and training game formats where you will learn the rules and techniques used in league matches.

Times and costs:

Game Lobby's laser tag league runs every Thursday from 6pm during school terms, and breaks for the school holidays. Each session costs $15 per person, but the first session you come along to to try is free!

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