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Activities Prices

We do things a little bit differently here at Game Lobby. You wont need handfuls of coins, or a swipe card. At our store, you just pay for entry or session passes. This way you can get more entertainment out of your visit to our store, without breaking the bank!


Our Unlimited Arcade Pass is an absolute bargain! No need to scramble madly to get another coin into a machine before the continue timer runs out and gives you the dreaded "Game Over" screen. This pass gives you unlimited turns on all of the arcade machines, including the pinball machines, driving sims, modern and retro consoles, 8-ball table, air hockey and foosball, for as long as you remain in store! (Passes are per person and cannot be shared between multiple people. They are not time based, and are no longer valid once you leave the store.)

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Unlimited Arcade Pass

$20 Per Person

Laser Tag

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Our laser tag maze is approx. 140 square metres, and features a hoard of hand painted geeky and sci-fi figures which light up under UV lights. We can fit a maximum of 18 players in at once, but even if you only have 2 players in a round, there are multiple bases and targets to help you score bonus points and special abilities, as well as scoring points from each other.

If you or anyone in your group has sensory or health issues we can adjust the lighting and/or sound to make your laser tag experience more comfortable and enjoyable for you. Please talk to one of our staff members about any adjustments you would like us to make.

(These passes are per person and cannot be shared between multiple people.)

1 Round of Laser Tag

$12 Per Person

2 Rounds of Laser Tag

$20 Per Person

3 Rounds of Laser Tag

$25 Per Person

Virtual Reality

Unfortunately, due to ongoing issues with the system, we will be retiring the VR bays on the 29th of September. Until then we will still have two bays available for both single player and multiplayer sessions.


We have a chat with you first up to find out the kind of games you like, find the one that is the best fit for your interests and abilities, and then talk you through the controls. We stay with you for the experience to help you out and cheer you on! 

(These passes are per person and cannot be shared between multiple people.)

VR Silhouette.png

10 minutes

$12 Per Person

20 minutes

$20 Per Person

Escape Rooms
$50 per person

30 minutes

$25 Per Person

Specials that work for Bigger Groups

1 Hour of Laser Tag

Exclusive use of our laser tag maze for 1 hour. this option is great for larger groups wanting to do multiple rounds. We recommend arriving early to watch the safety video before your hour of time starts.

$300 Per Hour

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