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Adelaide Hills Table Top Gaming Club

Game Lobby is the proud host of the Adelaide Hills Table Top Gaming Club, who meet in our store multiple nights each week to socialise and game a wide range of gaming systems together.

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The Adelaide Hills Table Top Gaming Club is a place where table top and RPG gamers can gather to build, paint, plan, organise and play together in a welcoming environment. Whether you are brand new to table top and are not quite sure where to start, just looking for a new creative hobby, wanting to branch out and discover new games to play, a seasoned tournament competitor, or just wanting to socialise with people who have similar interests, we welcome you!

Our members currently play a wide variety of games such as Warhammer: 40K, Age of Sigmar, Kill team, Necromunda, and Blood Bowl, Malifaux, Marvel Crisis Protocol, Battletech, Star Wars: Legion, X-Wing, and Armada, and Dungeons and Dragons, but many have models for other games and are more than happy to dust them off if someone asks for a game.

The club used to have a quarterly membership fee, which helped to cover the costs of new terrain, paints for the community paint box, and prizes for tournaments. However. the committee have recently decided to get rid of those fees, and instead have proposed the following in it's place:

  • Tournaments held at Game Lobby will have an entry fee, which will be used to cover the cost of prizes.

  • Everyone is welcome to use the club's community paint box and tools, although we do ask a gold coin donation be given when possible, to help keep the paints well stocked.

  • Dungeons and Dragons sessions will still cost $10 per session, as the Dungeon Master's who run our games are paid for their time and efforts. Running D&D would not be possible without them, and they put a lot of work into creating campaigns for their players.

The club prides itself on being an inclusive and safe place for everyone. We have regular players who are neurodivergent, have disabilities or health issues, are members of the LGTBQ+ community, and some veterans with PTSD. Many people use table top as a way to escape the troubles of their lives for a little while, and find some much needed joy in playing games or socialising with other members of the club, and we ask that everyone coming into this space treat each other with kindness and respect, after all, we're all here for the hobbies and games.

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