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Laser Tag

Whether you have a large group, or just two people, we guarantee you'll have an absolute blast playing in our laser tag maze

Our laser tag maze is just approx. 150 square metres, and features a hoard of hand painted geeky and sci-fi Lego mini figures, such as Doom Guy, a Demogorgon, Spiderman, and Blue from Jurassic World, which light up under the UV lights scattered throughout the room. We can fit a maximum of eighteen players in at once, using our Helios Pro vests from Zone Laser Tag, which are the vest used at the Laser Tag National Championships last year. Don't worry though, even if you only have two players in a round, there are three bases and twenty targets in our maze to help you score extra points and gain temporary special abilities, such as rapid fire, stealth, shields, score multiplier, and invincibility!

Team and solo games are popular favourites, and great for casual players, but we do have other formats available if your group is looking for something a bit more challenging or exciting. So if you're interested in trying something different, why not ask our staff to put you into one of the games listed below. 

If you or anyone in your group has sensory or health issues we can adjust the lighting and/or sound to make your laser tag experience more comfortable and enjoyable for you. Please talk to one of our staff members about any adjustments you would like us to make.

(These passes are per person and cannot be shared between multiple people.)

Are you the kind of gamer who likes to keep track of your scores, and earn levels and achievements? If so, why not ask our staff for a Zone laser tag membership card? They're free, easy to set up, and gives you a way to track the scores of every game you play, use a custom alias and avatar image, and 

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